Use of the Eastern Blvd. Complex during the off season is controlled by the Berkeley Soccer Association.  If you would like to use the field please contact the Executive Board.  Please send us your request at least one week in advance of the date you would like to use the field.  You will receive a response as soon as possible.

Field 1 remains closed to all practices.  Specific permission for its use for games must come from the Executive Board. 

Also, any field that has caution tape across the goal is closed.  PLEASE stay away from areas that are seeded.  We are doing our best to maintain the Eastern Soccer Complex as one of the very best in the area and we need your cooperation to make that a reality - thank you.

Please remember that Berkeley Township prohibits dogs (leashed or unleashed) at the Eastern Soccer Complex.

Also, the Code of Conduct signed by parents and volunteers prohibits the use of tobacco and alcohol at the Eastern Complex.  Our clear goals are to set an appropriate example and to provide a healthy environment for our young athletes.

Thank you for you consideration and cooperation!