Berkeley Soccer Association improves again! Starting 2023/2024!

B.S.A and Jersey Shore Boca come together to bring the best programs at the Jersey Shore!

Berkeley Soccer Association and Jersey Shore Boca, have announced a new partnership, bringing two well-respected soccer organizations in the Jersey Shore area together. 

The partnership will enhance and further the professional training, programs and development offerings that each currently provides, while providing a consistent experience for the children involved. 

Through this joint effort, Jersey Shore Boca will expand its reach to the Berkeley Soccer Association community, offering a pathway for children to advance to higher levels of soccer development.

About Jersey Shore Boca:

Jersey Shore Boca, founded in 1978, is one of the longest tenured and highly respected soccer clubs on the East Coast. In its 44 years, it has developed some of the best soccer talent from New Jersey, earning its reputation as a premier club. More than a soccer club, Jersey Shore Boca is a family where players wear their club jersey for life, from youth play to its collegiate and adult level teams. The organization’s mission to provide youth soccer players an environment where each can reach their full potential, on and off the field, aligns precisely with Berkeley Soccer Association’s goals for its members. “We are very excited to announce the partnership with Berkeley Soccer Association and training partner Wynning Touch SA. Berkeley Soccer’s organization and tenure, combined with Wynning Touch SA’s experienced and reputable training staff, further enhances our program and team offerings for the local community, while providing Berkeley Soccer Association members a clear path to everything Jersey Shore Boca has to offer,” stated Jersey Shore Boca President, Guy Lockwood.

"With a common goal in mind, Berkeley Soccer Association and Jersey Shore Boca will provide an opportunity for all ages at all levels of play and provide a pathway second to none."


"All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them."  Magic Johnson